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QuickBooks File Doctor software is a variety of “QuickBooks 2014 R4” application as well as other newer versions. The software application was created by Intuit to give error repair and fixes for any other minor glitches within QuickBooks. There are some instances where users have encountered difficulties with the program as it stops working, crashes, hangs, or shows an exception. When such an occurrence happens, the application form throws a mistake which says, “File Doctor is not working”.

Reasons for this error
Common reasons which make this utility to prevent functioning properly on occasion are:

You will be wanting to access the incorporated files.
Attempting to restore files but it is not successful.
Updating the files.
The error can reflect when you try to convert the old version of the company files over a network.
During the installation phase when you lose out on few QuickBooks files.
The error turns up when the files are damaged, misplaced, and corrupted.
For fixing the matter, you must try and fix the QBW files.

Approaches to resolve this error
Solution 1: Launch QuickBooks File Doctor Manually

Sometimes, the matter might be as simple as a fault in the launch command receiving end. So try launching the program manually as shown below:

Launch the application form and hold back until the machine displays ‘No Company Open’ screen.
Head to File –> Utilities –> ‘Repair File and Network Problems’.
Within the dialog box that appears, click on OK. The QuickBooks file doctor restarts the applying with administrator rights.
From the dialog box that appears, click Yes.
Click the wrench icon to start the QuickBooks file doctor application, and then click Continue.
Type your user credentials to log into your file. QuickBooks file doctor will now take effect on repairing your file.
From the Advanced Settings options, select ‘File Diagnosis Only’.
Click Next.
After the system prompts, open your file and look for issues or Repairs Needed.
If this technique does not strive to resolve the error, go to the following solution.

Solution 2: Restore the backup associated with corrupted QBW file
Sometimes when QuickBooks file doctor is launched automatically, it fails, turning up the error. To eliminate this, follow the below steps:

You must initially do a backup when it comes to files that are damaged. The backup helps in replacing the corrupted files with all the saved ones.
You ought to open QuickBooks and click in the “File” option, followed by clicking from the “Open or Restore Company” option.
Now go through the option that states “Click Open or Restore a Backup Copy” and proceed by simply clicking the “Next” button.
Select the option “Local Backup” and click from the “Next” button.
A drop-down menu will appear by which you have to browse and select the backup file location.
You must find the file which has had a “.QBB extension” and then proceed by clicking on “Open” and finally on “Next”.
A “Save In drop-down” menu can look from where you need to find the location for restoring the files.
You have to put the name of the file in the name field. A “Save as” field will automatically pop up using the entry regarding the “*.QBW” file.
You must press the “Save” button to complete the restoration procedure.
Note: just in case the above mentioned step can not work, select the recovery option using “Auto Data Recovery”.

Solution 3: Use Auto Data Recovery
QuickBooks files are auto-examined by the ADR (Auto Data Recovery) functionality within an hour or two after their generation. For files working with no error, a backup is stored automatically in the Auto Data Recovery folder. The backup stays stored for 12 hours/24 hours or as long as the QuickBooks application is open.

In case of the error still existing, you can make use of this option for recovering the files and restoring them back once again to once they worked fine.

Solution 4: turn fully off hosting mode and configure antivirus software
To ensure that File Doctor is running properly in your system, you have to turn off your system’s hosting mode. Then change the Security Firewall level to permit remote connections from your own system. To do so, follow the below mentioned steps if you use McAfee antivirus:

Open McAfee software and then click on ‘Web & Email Protection’.
Now head to Firewall. Click on Ports and System Services. After that go through the ‘Add’ button.
Then type eMule under Services Name. In Local TCP/IP ports, type the TCP data for the QuickBooks application.
Under your local UDP Port, type the TCP data for your QuickBooks application.
Under Open ports to, you must choose All PCs.
Then finally click on Save button and restart your system.
Just in case you still face the error, even with  configuring antivirus software as required, it is possible to contact the client executive staff for further help, and so they can offer complete resolution on the same.



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